Boiler Installations And Repairs In Bromley And Beckenham

Your home relies on hot water and heating throughout the year. While it’s certainly used less during the summer months, it pays to have your system checked and maintained so it’s ready for the cold snaps. Our boiler installations and repairs in Bromley and Beckenham can ensure your home is ready for anything

We’ve all heard the horror stories of broken down boilers and burst water pipes in the winter. Guard against that with our team at South London Heating. We provide a full service for your boiler that guarantees your home will be toasty in the winter and give you instant hot water during the summer.

When you call upon our team in Bromley and Beckenham, we will make sure to provide your home with a complete repair or boiler service. This includes features such as;

  • Inspecting pipework and flue
  • Checking the efficiency of your boiler
  • Verifying your ventilation
  • Ensuring safety devices are in fully-working order

The importance of your boiler is only truly shown when it breaks down. When this happens in your home in Bromley or Beckenham, we’re the team to call.

If you’d like to find out more about how our boiler repairs and installations can transform your heating efficiency this year, get in contact with us today.