Your Local Heating Specialist In Dulwich

Boiler systems can break at any time. Age, usage and energy efficiency can influence your decision to have a new boiler installed in your home. At South London Heating, we can advise you on summer is the best time to install your boiler .

The summer is the ideal time to put your home improvement and money-saving measures in place and have your boiler replaced in Dulwich. Summer is less busy, which ensures quality and great value. It also means you’re prepared for the winter in advance. Whether you’re looking for a replacement boiler or want to upgrade your entire system, our team here are experts in finding the perfect solution for your home.

Our experience lies in boiler installations and central heating for homes across South London including East Dulwich, West Dulwich and Dulwich Village. The summer months are the ideal time to book your boiler servicing or repair your boiler too, along with your boiler installation or replacement with us. It pays not to be caught out by an inconvenient breakdown in the colder months when you need your boiler the most.

Here’s why you should replace or upgrade your boiler with our team at South London Heating:

  • Expert staff: Our highly trained, Gas Safe boiler installers will ensure you have a new system that is fitted correctly and is ideal for your property and lifestyle.
  • Energy efficient: By upgrading your boiler to a new system, you will see the benefit in your energy bills each year.
  • Improved happy home: Our award-winning boiler installations can ensure that you will have an optimum cost-effective heating system supplying hot water to run baths and showers while heating up the radiators during winter.

To discover why our boiler installations and replacements are trusted across Dulwich, Dulwich Village as well as East and West Dulwich, get in touch with us today.