Boiler installation in Sydenham

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At South London Heating our team has years of expertise providing boiler installation in Sydenham. Regardless of your choice of boiler or its manufacturer, our professional Gas Safe registered heating engineers can install it safely and efficiently. Our team have more than 25 years’ experience carrying out boiler installations in Sydenham and are qualified to work with gas boilers of all kinds. The skill and professionalism that our technicians exhibit has earned us a fantastic reputation around Sydenham and beyond. To organise your boiler installation, call 020 3620 5800 or email to talk to our team.

Expert boiler installation in Sydenham

Our heating engineers have years of experience working in Sydenham and are familiar with the various types of properties found throughout the area. From cosy terraces to grand semi-detached homes and even modern flats, our team are ready and able to work in your property. Our familiarity with the local area and housing stock means that our installations are carried out more effectively and with less disruption to your home life. Our installations are also tailored to your property so that we can offer you the best service possible, drawing on our familiarity with your home’s potential needs. All our engineers are Gas Safe registered so you can rest assured that your boiler installation will be carried out safely by a qualified professional. By choosing South London Heating to install your boiler in Sydenham you are choosing a skilled team with years of experience working in the area.

Boiler manufacturers we install in Sydenham

Our Gas Safe registered boiler experts have more than 25 years of experience installing boilers in Sydenham. They are familiar with all the major models and manufacturers, meaning they can identify the specific needs for your unit and carry out the best possible installation for you. Our accredited installer status means that you can gain an extended guarantee on Worcester Bosch boilers if you choose to install one of their models.


Types of gas boilers we install in Sydenham

Our experience also extends to the different types of boilers available. Our engineers are well versed in the best techniques and the specific requirements for installing your unit. We can also help you choose the best type of boiler for you based on your property and heating requirements. Our approach eliminates jargon and focusses on your needs.

Combi boiler

If your property has less available storage space, a combi boiler will be the best choice for you. As this type of boiler does not have any extra external cylinders or water tanks, the machinery responsible for your heating can be contained in a single unit. A combi boiler heats water at mains pressure so that you have a reliable supply of hot water on demand. Their simplicity and lack of extra components makes them cheaper and simpler to install in your Sydenham home.

System boiler

Perfect for homes with higher-than-average hot water and heating needs, a system boiler is equipped with a cylinder that continuously stores hot water within your property. The boiler draws from this to provide hot water throughout the property on demand. Even if you have multiple bathrooms in use simultaneously, this onsite storage will ensure your needs are met. A system boiler is an economical choice and can be even more so with the installation of solar panels.

Regular (Conventional) boiler

Conventional boilers are best suited for older properties with higher hot water usage. If your home already has a conventional boiler than another conventional is likely to be the easiest and most cost-effective replacement. Conventional boilers draw water from a tank in the attic and a hot water cylinder, both of which will already be installed at your property if you already have a conventional boiler in place. As water flows from the attic with the assistance of gravity, this system is often easier on the pipework in older properties.

Electric boiler installation in Sydenham

Electric boilers are a versatile and environmentally conscious choice for your property. As they don’t have moving mechanical parts, they experience less wear over time, reducing maintenance costs. Plus, since there is no need to accommodate a gas supply, they are far more compact and can therefore be installed more easily and in more places in your property. An electric boiler is perfect if you are looking to the future as they reduce your ongoing expenses and are not required to undergo an annual service.

Financing your new boiler in Sydenham

We understand that a boiler is a necessity for a modern home, but the requirement for a new one can come up very unexpectedly, making it hard to budget. We offer 0% APR finance options to help you spread the cost to make sure you can still get the boiler you need at a price you can afford. Get in touch to discuss your options with our helpful team and learn about any terms or conditions that may apply to you if you pursue this route.

Control your boiler with SMART technology

When organising your boiler installation in Sydenham consider choosing a SMART thermostat. When we install your new boiler, we can simultaneously install this intelligent technology that will help you control the heating in your home. A SMART thermostat will allow you to more accurately adjust when your home is warmed and can even identify where you are wasting heat in order to help you lower your bill. This is a convenient piece of tech that can save you money.

Boiler installation in Sydenham reviews

We used South London Heating to replace the heating system in our flat. Very happy with the service – they took time to understand what we needed and advised the best location for radiators etc. They have a great team, from Paul who did a great job on the installation to Kerrie in the office who was happy to answer our many questions. Would highly recommend.
– Mark B via TrustPilot

South London Heating gave an excellent service throughout from quotation to installation of my new boiler. I can`t recommend them highly enough.
– Ian M via TrustPilot

Trustworthy, polite, and excellent service every time. I’ve used this company for various jobs including installation of a new boiler.
– Belinda Coker via Google

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