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South London Heating is here for anyone that needs high-quality, professional boiler repair in Brixton. Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers have experience dealing with boilers of every make and manufacturer and have been working in the industry for over 25 years. They are specialists in their trade, knowing exactly what is required to deliver repairs to your heating system that will benefit you for years to come. We are proud of the way we solve issues quickly and efficiently, as well as the excellent, personal service which we provide for our customers. We want you to receive the best possible value for money, so we always make sure that our quotes are competitive. To contact our team and get started with resolving your boiler issues, call us on 020 3620 5800 or email

Expert boiler repair in Brixton

Look no further than South London Heating for efficient, affordable boiler repair in Brixton. We’ve worked in properties across the area, from terraced houses on the border of Tulse Hill to flats near Loughborough Junction station, so we know what is necessary to produce perfect results at homes in Brixton. Regardless of how old your heating system is or the size of your property, you can count on our Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out all the repair works you need.

Signs that your boiler in Brixton might need a repair

Your boiler is constantly working to give you access to heating and hot water, meaning that it picks up wear and tear as time goes by. This can lead to big problems that affect the performance of your system. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible once you notice that your boiler is behaving differently to usual. One of our expert heating engineers will assess the situation and determine whether repairs are necessary. Some common issues to keep an eye out for are:

Boiler stopped working

Your boiler will require immediate repairs if it has stopped functioning completely. There are a number of reasons why your boiler could have stopped working, so make sure to contact us and one of our Gas Safe registered engineers will come to determine and resolve the issue.

Loud banging noise from boiler

Sounds coming out of your boiler should never be ignored, or it could reduce the performance of your system. While banging noises from your boiler are a huge annoyance, bigger problems may be lying beneath the surface. Noise coming from your boiler often means that there is debris in the heat exchanger, which can be cleared with a professional powerflush of your central heating system. A repeat of this issue can be prevented by installing magnetic filters.

Boiler overheating

An overheating boiler is a serious problem that must be dealt with as soon as possible. It can be caused by a build-up of limescale, blockage, or the failure of a thermistor or pump. If you notice that your boiler is overheating, then it is likely that the safety features are not working properly. You should alert one of our specialist heating engineers and they will provide a solution as soon as possible.

Not getting hot water

A highly frustrating fault, not having hot water circulating around your system is likely due to the failure of a component such as a pilot light, or the boiler pressure being incorrect. Contact us and one of our engineers will be able to locate the issue and revert it effectively and efficiently.

Radiators not working

If your radiators are not functioning as usual, there is a chance that you could be able to resolve the issue yourself. Trapped air could be preventing them from heating evenly. You can attempt to fix the problem by bleeding your radiators and making sure that they are balanced. Should that fail to get your radiators firing on all cylinders, you may need to get one of our engineers to come and replace a component in your system such as the timer, thermostat, or a pump inside your boiler.

Low water pressure

This issue can be created by one of two things. If your radiators have been bled recently, then there is a good chance that the release of trapped air has caused the pressure in your boiler to drop. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can repressurise it yourself. If this fails to fix the issue, then there could be a leak in your system. This could be in the pipework or the boiler unit itself, and it will need to be sorted by a qualified heating engineer.

Before calling for a boiler repair in Brixton, have you checked your boiler’s water gauge?

Our team are always happy to help with any boiler issues in Brixton. However, sometimes you will find that you can solve the problem yourself. Before you contact us, check to make sure the pressure gauge of your boiler falls within the manufacturer’s specified range. If it falls below the recommended level, repressurising it could get rid of any issues that you have been having. Repressurising a boiler is relatively easy and saves you having to spend money on hiring a professional. Not only will this quick check save you time and money, but it will also get your boiler back in working order quickly and simply.

Emergency boiler repair in Brixton

Make sure to get in touch with us to resolve any boiler or central heating related issues in Brixton. Our fully qualified engineers are Gas Safe registered and have the necessary experience to fulfil your requirements. We appreciate that temperamental heating and hot water can be infuriating, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the best solution for their needs as efficiently as we can. If you’re experiencing any faults with your boiler, call 020 3620 5800 or email

Boiler repair reviews in Brixton

My tenant had a leaking boiler. These guys fitted me in at short notice and were very professional. A great company that won’t rip you off. I totally recommend them and I now know if I have a heating problem I have someone I can ring who will sort it out without a fuss.
– Ben via Google

Great experience once again. We always get our boiler serviced and any central heating repairs done by South London Heating. Honest, straightforward, and professional with reasonable pricing for works clearly stated in advance. Thanks again SLH!
– Nathaniel Dinham via Google

Very good services and reliable company. I’m happy to have choose their services and I was pleasantly surprised by their punctuality. The engineers were punctual, they kept the area clean and tried to have minimal impact while doing their jobs. They did an amazing job, I would use them again and I would encourage everyone to use and support local business.
– Kone MFM via Google

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