Boiler servicing in Croydon

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When it comes to boiler servicing in Croydon, South London Heating stands as the undisputed choice. Our team embodies a rare blend of knowledge, approachability, and unparallelled effectiveness, boasting a track record of servicing boilers from various types and brands.

With over 25 years of unwavering commitment to the heating industry, we’ve earned accolades not only for the quality of our work but also for the exceptional customer experience we provide.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers are committed to delivering outstanding value, conducting thorough servicing at a remarkably competitive price point. To schedule your boiler servicing appointment in Croydon, contact our team on 020 3620 5800 or via email at

Expert boiler servicing in Croydon

With an impressive legacy of 25 years of dedicated service to the Croydon community, our team boasts an exceptional understanding of the area’s unique needs. We’ve ventured into diverse property types, ranging from the timeless charm of Victorian and Edwardian residences to the iconic 1920s and 1930s properties that define Croydon’s housing landscape – even the sleek modernity of flats.

Rest assured, our annual service is executed with remarkable efficiency by our Gas Safe registered heating engineers. They bring a wealth of skills and expertise to the table, ensuring that your boiler receives the exceptional care it deserves.

What happens during a boiler service?

When considering your boiler service, it is imperative to entrust the task solely to a Gas Safe registered professional. This ensures a comprehensive assessment of your boiler’s safety and efficiency. The inspection is typically completed within one hour, during which our engineer meticulously adheres to a systematic checklist of boiler health assessments.

Boiler controls checked

During your boiler service, our experts conduct meticulous tests on the controls. This ensures seamless operation, providing you with the peace of mind that all boiler functions are readily accessible when needed, adding both convenience and confidence to your daily life.

Boiler operation checked

Our engineers meticulously scrutinise your boiler’s operation to ensure it effectively heats your Croydon property, maintains energy efficiency, and operates with utmost safety, mitigating potential risks. Your well-being is our priority, and we leave no room for compromise.

Boiler components checked

With utmost care, we remove the casing from your boiler, allowing for a detailed inspection and, if required, precise adjustments of internal components. This includes critical elements such as the burner, heat exchanger, and flue ways, ensuring they remain free from defects that might compromise performance.

Gas pressure checked

Meticulous checks of your gas supply’s pressure are a cornerstone of our service. We confirm it falls within the desired range, ensuring your boiler consistently functions effectively and reliably meets your heating and hot water needs.

Test the flue

As part of your boiler service, we take a close look at the flue pipe to verify its correct fitting. This vital component connects your boiler to the exterior of your Croydon property, and it must be obstruction-free to guarantee proper ventilation.

Boiler parts cleaned

After inspecting your boiler’s components, we go the extra mile with a thorough cleaning process. This leaves them in optimal condition, ready for future visual inspections and checks during your next service. Your boiler’s longevity is our commitment.

Benefits of servicing your boiler in Croydon

Discover the array of benefits that a South London Heating boiler service in Croydon brings:

  • Increase your boiler’s efficiency, leading to substantial energy savings.
  • Identify and pre-empt perilous concerns like carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Act promptly to nip problems in the bud, sparing you from hefty breakdown costs.
  • Dodge the unpredictability of emergency repair costs.
  • Safeguard your boiler’s manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.

Annual boiler service

Don’t underestimate the year-long, behind-the-scenes toil of your boiler, slowly accruing wear and tear. It’s why industry leaders and manufacturers universally champion an annual boiler service. This crucial ritual not only unveils your boiler’s wellbeing but frequently stands as a warranty mandate.

Take heed of your warranty’s fine print, for adhering to this guideline is ideal. Embrace an annual service to fortify your boiler’s endurance, efficiency, and warranty eligibility—an investment that assures not only peace of mind but tangible advantages.

Boiler service for rented properties in Croydon

When it comes to providing landlords with peace of mind, South London Heating is your unwavering ally. We excel in seamlessly integrating annual boiler services with mandatory gas safety certificate inspections. These inspections are not just a legal requirement but also our commitment to ensuring the utmost safety for your valued tenants. We understand that tenant comfort is paramount, which is why our comprehensive boiler service is designed to minimise any undue disruption.

Transparent pricing for boiler service in Croydon

Our philosophy is straightforward: clear and fair pricing. We’ve designed a pricing structure that eliminates any hidden surprises, so you always know exactly what to anticipate. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we firmly believe that top-notch service should be accessible at a competitive price point. With us, there are no secrets, just exceptional service at a rate that makes sense.

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