Boiler servicing in Norwood

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Choose South London Heating for your yearly boiler service in Norwood. We are specialists in the area when it comes to boiler servicing. With more than 25 years of experience, our team knows how to deliver fantastic results every time. Our professional team will complete your service at a reasonable cost, and they know how to work on boilers from any manufacturer. Our thorough service will mean you can rest assured that your central heating system is functioning correctly and any issues are resolved. We have developed a reputation that we are proud of in Norwood, for our quality of work, competitive rates, and customer-oriented approach. For an effective boiler service at your home in Norwood, get in touch with South London Heating. Call us on 020 3620 5800 or email

What happens during a boiler service?

Our boiler services take roughly one hour to complete. The technician will run several health checks and look at various different components within your boiler. They will decide how safe and efficient your unit is, before ensuring that it is in good condition to work for the upcoming year.

Boiler controls checked

The engineer will make sure that all the functions of your boiler’s controls will work properly when called upon. This will give you the peace of mind that you deserve, knowing that your boiler is capable of doing everything that it needs to.

Boiler operation checked

Meticulous checks will be necessary to make sure that your boiler is functioning to the required standards. These checks will ensure that your heating system works at the safe and efficient levels that you need.

Boiler components checked

The engineer will open your boiler in order to examine the heat exchanger, flue, and burner. Then they will be able to make adjustments to be sure there is nothing that will prevent the boiler from working as it should do.

Gas pressure checked

Possibly the most important test is a safety check that reveals whether the gas supply is at the right pressure. Should it fall within an acceptable margin, then you can rest assured that your boiler is functioning correctly.

Test the flue

Our engineers will inspect the flue – the pipe that goes from the boiler unit to the outside of your property – which is a crucial component of your system. It will be checked to make sure that it is in a good condition and free of any debris.

Boiler parts cleaned

One of our team members will clean every component of your boiler to make sure that it is in good condition. This is key to maintaining the cleanliness of your boiler, enabling it to run smoothly for the next twelve months.

Benefits of servicing your boiler in Norwood

An annual boiler service from South London Heating is vital maintenance that will ensure your boiler and heating system are healthy. There are a number of benefits to keeping up with annual services:

  • Reducing your energy bills by checking efficiency
  • Finding faults before they become serious issues
  • Avoiding hazards like carbon monoxide leaks
  • Reducing or preventing emergency repair costs
  • Preserving your unit’s manufacturer’s warranty

Annual boiler service

Your boiler accruing some wear and tear as time goes by is inevitable – it is working all day, every day for most of the year. An annual service will mean that you can identify any problems before they develop into bigger issues. Industry professionals recommend a yearly service, and they are often required to maintain the warranty of your boiler. It will ensure that your boiler is safe, extend its lifespan, and assure its effectiveness. Contact our team at South London Heating and schedule your next annual boiler service.

Boiler service for rented properties in Norwood

Here at South London Heating, our engineers have worked at many rented properties in Norwood providing annual boiler services that enable landlords to verify that their central heating system is functioning as it should be. We complete these works efficiently, causing minimal disruption to tenants. Plus, we are qualified to conduct inspections for gas safety certificates which are a legal requirement for all landlords.

Boiler service reviews in Norwood

Great experience once again. We always get our boiler serviced and any central heating repairs done by South London Heating. Honest, straightforward, and professional with reasonable pricing for works clearly stated in advance. Thanks again SLH!
– Nathaniel Dinham via Google

Boiler service. Great service as ever – these guys service my boiler every year.
– Mr Oats via TrustPilot

Efficient and reliable service. Easy to arrange a convenient date and time for annual boiler service following much needed email reminders from South London Heating. Engineer arrived within stated timescale, completed work and explained what he had done as well as providing a written check list of work completed. Having installed the boiler, this was the third or fourth annual service carried out by South London Heating and the service provided has been consistently good each time.
– Diana via TrustPilot

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