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If you need boiler servicing in Wandsworth, you can rely on our team to take the hassle out of the process. Our team our Gas Safe registered and highly knowledgeable, having worked on boilers from all manufacturers. With more than 25 years’ industry experience to draw upon, we can efficiently carry out all the necessary health checks to make sure your boiler is safe and energy efficient. We’re proud of the customer experience we provide, delivering high-quality boiler servicing at a price point that represents excellent value for money. To receive peace of mind by arranging professional boiler servicing in Wandsworth, call 020 3620 5800 or email to speak to a member of our team.

Expert boiler servicing in Wandsworth

We service all types of boilers, no matter the model or manufacturer. Our team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers have worked in properties throughout Wandsworth and have built up an excellent knowledge of the different heating requirements that apply. Whether you live in one of Wandsworth’s new build properties or in a Victorian or 20th century home, we’ll be able to service your boiler and make sure that it operates safely and efficiently. Due to our wide-ranging experience, we’re able to efficiently check the health of your boiler, minimising any disruption that the preventative maintenance process could cause. Take advantage of our familiarity with Wandsworth’s housing stock and benefit from a professional and swift boiler service.

What happens during a boiler service?

In order to accurately assess the safety and efficiency of your boiler, your service must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered professional. Your engineer will systematically check your boiler to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and the process will be completed within an hour in most cases.

Boiler controls checked

The controls for your boiler will be checked over to make sure that they are working as effectively as they should. This allows you to be sure that your boiler is fully functional and can be used in the manner that the manufacturer intended.

Boiler operation checked

During the service your heating engineer will check to make sure that your boiler is working the way it should be. This means making sure it is safe, able to effectively heat your property, and is as energy efficient as possible.

Boiler components checked

Your boiler’s casing will be removed and the internal components will be assessed. If needed, they can be adjusted and critical components such as the heat exchanger, burner, and flue ways will be checked for issues that may stop them working effectively.

Gas pressure checked

The pressure of your boiler will be checked to make sure that it is within the range specified by the manufacturer. This ensures that it functions effectively and performs according to your needs.

Test the flue

The flue pipe which connects your boiler to the outside of your property will be checked to make sure it is free from blockages or obstructions. This pipe has to be fitted correctly for it to function as intended.

Boiler parts cleaned

Once the components inside your boiler have been checked they will also be cleaned (if necessary) to ensure that they are in good condition. This will leave them ready for inspection during the next boiler service.

Benefits of servicing your boiler in Wandsworth

Regularly servicing your boiler allows you to benefit from a range of improvements. Preventative maintenance is an ideal way to keep your boiler in top condition. A professional boiler service can:

  • Improve efficiency, lowering energy bills as a result.
  • Prevent deadly issues such as carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Identify problems before they lead to expensive repairs.
  • Avoid emergency boiler repair costs.
  • Preserve the manufacturer’s warranty on your boiler.

Annual boiler service

Heating engineers and boiler manufacturers recommend an annual boiler service as a way to monitor the condition of your boiler. Your boiler is expected to function at all times and naturally accrues wear and tear as a result. Allowing a professional to check your system on a yearly basis allows potential issues to be identified and addressed at an early stage. This spares you the cost and inconvenience of a breakdown or, even worse, a replacement boiler. Many manufacturers also stipulate that your boiler has to be serviced annually for its warranty to remain valid. You should check the terms and conditions for your specific boiler to see if this will apply.

Boiler service for rented properties in Wandsworth

At South London Heating, we have a proven track record for helping landlords throughout Wandsworth with the boilers in their rental properties. We can carry out the annual boiler servicing that your portfolio requires and, if needed, can complete gas safety certificate inspections at the same time. A yearly gas safety certificate is a legal requirement for rented properties and having these carried out alongside servicing will minimise any disruption for your tenants. As experienced, Gas Safe registered boiler servicing experts, we’re a team who you can rely on.

Boiler service reviews in Wandsworth

Great experience once again. We always get our boiler serviced and any central heating repairs done by South London Heating. Honest, straightforward, and professional with reasonable pricing for works clearly stated in advance. Thanks again SLH!
– Nathaniel Dinham via Google

Boiler service. Great service as ever – these guys service my boiler every year.
– Mr Oats via TrustPilot

Efficient and reliable service. Easy to arrange a convenient date and time for annual boiler service following much needed email reminders from South London Heating. Engineer arrived within stated timescale, completed work and explained what he had done as well as providing a written check list of work completed. Having installed the boiler, this was the third or fourth annual service carried out by South London Heating and the service provided has been consistently good each time.
– Diana via TrustPilot

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